100th Birth Anniversary (Indore, 18-20 August)

Exhibition opening by painter-writer Prabhu Joshi
Exhibition opening by painter-
writer Prabhu Joshi
Exhibition opening
Exhibition opening
Kalapini Komkali at the exhibition
Kalapini Komkali at the exhibition

Photo by Subandhu Dube - Sculpture by John Doubleday, England
Photo by Subandhu Dube -
Sculpture by John Doubleday,
Exhibition visitors
Exhibition visitors
Exhibition visitors
Exhibition visitors

Vishnu Dinkar Chinchalkar

Photo of Vishnu Chinchalkar Photo of Vishnu Chinchalkar's house in Indore, Gauraiya Kunja. Vishnu Chinchalkar – was an unusual artist. At the peak of his glorious career he was inspired by Gandhi. So, early on he left the “highway of fame” and trudged a lone trail. He renounced the tinsel world of colors. Instead he sought inspiration in nature and creativity in ordinary things. He saw “Christ” in a torn vest, “Monalisa” in a rubber slipper and the image of “Tagore” in a mango seed. M. F. Husain and Bendre were his college mates, Kumar Gandharva, Pu La Deshpande and Baba Amte his dearest friends. They all revered him. Children adored him. He was universally called “Guruji”.

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Photo of head Sculpture of Vishnu Chinchalkar created by British sculptor John Doubleday

Early Academic Works

Photo of Vishnu Chinchalkar's Self Portrait Painting

Quest for Form

Photo of a landscape collage made by leaves and petals

Guruji was born on 5th of September 1917, was sent to Indore school of Arts to study under the tutelage of D.D. Devlalikar. N.S. Bendre and M.F. Hussein were his seniors at the art school.
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Guruji’s early oils and canvases won many awards and accolades. But soon he gave up the studio to delve deep into nature’s own art forms. Often he said, “Nature creates, I just sign below.”
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Guruji’s genius lay in seeing the extraordinary in everyday things. He turned ALPHABETS into animals, acrobats and artifacts; made landscapes from leaves and petals; exquisite art from sweeping cobwebs.
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Art in Waste

Photo of a Sculpture made by wire and Plug-pin

Experimental Work

Photo of Landscape created with Plywood


Photo of Book Khulte Akshar Khilte Ank

Guruji saw “Christ” in a torn vest; “Monalisa” in a rubber slipper and “Tagore” in a mango seed. For these subversive acts he was dubbed a “renegade” until people realized that Picasso also created art from trash.
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Guruji experimented with plywood, bark, twigs, leaves and pods, driftwood, corncobs etc. In his own words,"The idea is to look for form which already existed in ones environs and introducing it to the layman".
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Guruji didn’t write much. His life was his message. “Live Simply that other’s may Simply Live,” was his message. His book "Khulte Akshar Khilte Ank" (“Blooming alphabets and Numerals”) says it all.
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